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Coming Meetings

Summer Meeting dates 

 Saturday 2 June 

14u Sandy Koufax. at 12 noon

15/16u Mickey Mantle at 1:30 pm

17/18u Connie Mack at 3 pm

All Meeting are at Foschini Park

Season to Been on 9 June to Mid July 


Young Ages Meetings

13u Nolan Rayn Monday 4 June at 7 pm

11u/12u Pee Wee Reese Tuesday 5 June at  8:15

9u/10u Willie Mays Wednesday 6 June at  7 pm 

8u Roberto Clemente  Wednesday 67 June at 8:15 pm 

 Season to begin on 16 June to the end of July 

All Meeting will be held at Foschini Park at the Field House 


Managers and Coaches

       I hope everyone is doing well. I am sending out this email to remind everyone of our upcoming meetings for our 2016 Summer season. NJYB is the only league in Northern New Jersey that offers teams a Summer season schedule a tournament and chances to advance to addition national tournaments.

      Our program is a part of the following national programs.

1.  AABC  - American Armature Baseball Congress

2.  PONY Baseball

3.  NABF – National Armature Baseball Federation.

NJYB  - Did not change our AGE CUT off !  We still use the 1 May Age Cut off. Most leagues in the area changed their age cut, by doing this it has forced many players to move up and not playing with the teammates they be playing with for years.


If your team is planning on playing in the NJYB SUMMER  league, your team needs  to have a representative present for the meetings. There are some new RULE CHANGES for the 2016 Season that will be discussed at the meeting.

All meetings will be held in Foschini Park in Hackensack ( use 276 River St for GPS ) that will bring you to Toyota of Hackensack the fields are directly behind Toyota.

 Tuesday 3 May 2016 at 8:15 PM  for all 8u Teams 


 Wednesday 4 May 2016 at 8:15 PM  for 9u and 10u Teams  


 Thursday 5 May 2016 at 8:15 PM  for 11u and 12u Teams 


 Friday  6 May 2016 8:15 PM  for 13u and 14u Teams


 Saturday 7 May 2015 12 Noon for 15u Teams  


 Saturday 7 May 2016 1:30 PM  for 16u -17u - 18u Teams 



For more information please feel free to contact us at  or



NJYB Summer League

  1. Schedules will be released by 28 May 2016

  2. Teams will play between 12 – 14 game season

  3. Season start date is 6 June

  4. Age Cut off for NJYB remained the same as last year 1 May please check the AABC White Book page 6.

  5. Even Ages will play on Tuesday – Thursday – Saturday

  6. NJYB Official Rosters must be submitted by 6 June teams are allowed to change rosters up to 22 June after that point rosters will be locked.

  7. No player may play on 2 teams in the same division unless NJYB Administration signs a waiver.

  8. Home team is responsible for getting Carded Umpires through Red Umpires unless approved by NJYB Administration.

  9. Mangers have up to 15 June to reach out to the opposing Mangers to move games or reschedule games because of conflicts. All Mangers need to reach out to each other confirm games. Schedules will be locked after 15 June.

  10. Teams must use the appropriate balls for their ages levels.

  1. 8u-12u need to use a ball equivalent to Diamond DOL-1

  2. 13u thru 16u must use a ball equivalent to Diamond DOL-A

  3. 17u & 18u must use a ball equivalent to Diamond Pro ( a low seam ball )

    . ( if you have any questions on balls please email Bill at   )  

  1. In the event a game is rained out the mangers have up to 48 hours to reschedule the game. If the game is not rescheduled in that time frame NJYB Administration will reschedule the game.

  2. All scores need to be reported within 24 hours of games being completed. The teams that do not report scores within 24 hours of games, games not reported will not be credited to your standings. We are going to enforce this rule this year because some coaches do not send scores in to the end and this is not acceptable. It’s not fair to the other teams.

  3. Teams must name NJYB at secondary insured on their insurance.

           NJYB ( New Jersey Youth Baseball

                       PO Box 5044

            South Hackensack, NJ 07606

  4. All information will be keep on our website ( We are in the process of building another web site once it is complete the information will be passed along to each team in the league.

  5. Players must play in a minimum of 3 games during the season in order to be eligible to play in our Summer Sizzle Tournament ( State Tournament )

  6. If a player is on 2 teams in NJYB during the regular season he must declare what team is he going to play for in the Summer Sizzle Tournament. No player can be on two rosters  for any  tournament. When declaring a team that player then is locked on that roster for the remaining summer.

  7. Mercy Rules is 8 runs after 4 ½ if home team is ahead of 5 complete innings ( 7 inning Game 11u and up ) 10 runs for 8u-10u after 3 ½ if the home team is ahead or 4 innings ( 6 inning games)  

  8. Mangers must have all players birth certificates and a copy of their roster present at all games. If a player is question by the other team and the manger does not have the paperwork present  the player is ineligible to play if he played in the game the team must put in a protest. The team that protests will be award the game by forfeit.

  9. NJYB does not use standings when determining teams that advance to the Summer Sizzle Tournament. We use a point system.

    Teams are awarded 3 points for a win,  2 points for a tie and 1 point for a lose. In the event we have a team that ducks another team that team will have 3 points deducted  for game they did not play. The point system is put into place to ensure all teams that join the league play their games. Teams join a league to play games not to get aggravated and have to chase teams.

  10. We follow Major League rules with the exceptions of the AABC White Book


    AABC New Rules for the 2016 Season.


  1. Teams that advance outside of their leagues into a Regional Tournament or World Series have a Tournament Fee that must be paid by each team.


  2. Teams advancing to either a Regional Tournament or World Series may pick up players in the NJYB Only. There will be a order of Draft as per the AABC White Book. if a player refuses to play for a team they will  be ineligible to play for any other team.


  3. Teams that win their league at the 8u-11u, 13u, 15u and 17u will advance directly to a AABC World Series.


  4. Teams advancing will incur all cost when advancing to a World Series.


  5. Teams advancing must have a official roster signed by NJYB, Insurance, and scorebook or I-Score showing proof all players played in a game before 1 July 2016.


  6. Games during the season if stopped due to weather or unforeseen reason and have passed 4 ½ if the home team is ahead or 5 innings will be complete games. ( 7 Inning games) If games pass 3 ½ innings if the home team is ahead or 4 innings ( for 6 inning games) will be complete games.


  7. Tournament games and higher will be continued until a winner is declared by Mercy for completed innings.


    NEW RULE FOR 14u through 18u set by AABC


  1. 14u – Born before 1 May 2001 or between May 1st  2000 and  30 April 2001 if they are in 8th grade and graduating 8th grade in 2016.

  2. 15u - – Born before 1 May 2000 or between May 1st 1999 and  30 April 2000 if they are a  Freshman in High School during the  2016 season.

  3. 16u - – Born before 1 May 1999 or between May 1st 1998 and  30 April 1999 if they are in Sophomore in High School during the  2016 season.

  4. 17u - – Born before 1 May 1998 or between May 1st 1997 and  30 April 1998. If the player has High Eligibility remaining for the 2016/2017 school year.

  5. 18u - – Born before 1 May 1996 or between May 1st 1997 and  30 April 1996 if they are graduated high school in 2016.


    *** If your player falls in the exception rule for the NEW AABC ELIGIBLE AGE RULE : They must present a letter from the school in which they attend and it must be notarized and submitted to NJYB by 6 June 2016 to be eligible to play in the 2016 season.



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